Hey, my name is Thomas.
Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all my workmates at RA and the HR team for the great time. The HR team prepared me very well for the internship abroad and the friendly and familiar ways of all my workmates enabled me to adapt to everything very fast and I felt welcome the whole time.
My main job during the internship was to research the Australian and New Zealand market, which taught me a lot about the power systems with all their special features. The highlight of my internship was attending the maintenance of a tap-changer. My workmate explained to me in depth how all components of a substation work together, the maintenance itself and the safety precautions during maintenance. Sydney and Australia offered plenty of things to discover, so I never got bored. The attitude of life: “No worries, mate!” and the helpful way of all Australians made the life here very relaxed and enjoyable.


Hi, my name is Philipp.
Within the six months of my internship abroad at Reinhausen Australia Pty. Ltd in Sydney I had the great opportunity to analyse the Australian and New Zealand markets with regard to voltage controlling devices in the electrical distribution grid. Furthermore, I could actively contribute to the development of the products – and all of this in a diverse and fascinating new continent.
The life in Australia is characterized by the tolerant, multicultural society, the high quality of living as well as the throughout relaxed mentality of the Australian people: They always give you a very warm welcome and you quickly adapt to the most important saying in this country: “No worries, mate!” On top of that, even in winter time the sunshine and high temperatures make life all good.
The great RA team always supported me in a great way. I was able to make manifold experiences and to get unforgettable impressions of this beautiful country, of the great hospitality of the Australian people and of the relaxed working culture. It was a challenging and exciting time that I do not want to miss in my life – thanks to everybody who made this possible!


Hey! My name is Alexander, I’m 23 years old and I’m studying mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg. I was given the chance to do my 18-weeks internship in the department Sales/Asset Management at the subsidiary of MR in Australia.
There, I was well received by everyone and felt comfortable from the first day. During the first half of my internship I supported my colleagues at the Sales department. Thereby, I clarified technical issues with MR in Germany or with customers in Australia. In the second half I was allowed to visit substations with service technicians and attended maintenances on tap-changers.
I quickly found contact with other people and had a great time, which unfortunately passed too fast. I can recommend anybody to do an internship abroad, because I could not only improve my English, but especially develop myself personally.