Our customers can rely on MR. We share our expertise with them and train their staff in any location they request. We are certified in Australia, Brazil, China, Malaysia and South Africa, among other countries.

The starting signal to begin this systematic transfer of knowledge was given exactly four decades ago, when the first and largest MR training center in Regensburg officially began operation. To date, MR has taught more than 14,000 experts from 170 countries in technical training sessions encompassing both in-depth theory and practice. At first, our own employees were the sole participants. Then gradually, employees of interested customers from all over the world increasingly began to participate. It all began with the personal initiative of Manfred "Butz" Böhm, a dedicated MR technician in Regensburg, and with the first official "training registration" on a beer coaster in 1976.

Böhm began his training at MR in 1956, later working in the metalworking shop, as a machine operator, as a technician in customer service, and finally as the head of the MR training center. Though he's been retired since 2002, he feels connected to the company to this day. As he recalls it, he gradually grew into his role as head of the training center.

It was Manfred Böhm's own idea to began teaching his customer service colleagues about tap changers. "Little by little, I procured a few tap changers for training, and eventually even a separate room. But all this was still long before the official formation of the training center," he says. "It wasn't long before the concept was expanded to include drives and all of the documents related to the exhibited devices. But, initially, this was still just within the customer service department. The concept kept getting bigger. I could not have guessed at the time what shape it would take."

The transition from internal to external training was smooth. Soon, sales colleagues starting sending customers to Manfred Böhm. "The need for training became clear as questions regarding our products were increasingly raised. In 1976, the first official training registration was recorded on a beer coaster - which is still on display for people to see. The majority of our initial customers came from Germany, but the interest quickly became international."

Since 2007, Reinhard Wolf has led the ever-expanding MR training center - located at the Haslbach plant - which doubled in area to its current size of 700 square meters in 2013. "We can meet almost any customer request with respect to training dates and content," says Wolf. His team now includes five permanent trainers – "all old hands with lots of experience, we have the practical knowledge and we know our customers." Six modern training rooms and a separate area with control and monitoring systems are available, as well as working models and objects on display from over 300 different MR products from the last 65 years. "We will continue our development into the future and have a very positive outlook on the coming years."