The first VACUTAP® VM® Diverter Switch Exchange in Taiwan

29 October 2013 was a momentous day for Reinhausen Asia Pacific (RAP) due to its successful retrofit of an OILTAP® MS with VACUTAP® VM® at the Fenglin Substation located on the East Coast of Taiwan.

The event was witnessed by approximately 30 distinguished guests from all six power-supply branches of the Taiwan Power Company (TPC) and MERALCO, a leading utility company from the Philippines. The scope of the work involved replacing the existing OILTAP® MS type diverter switch insert (DSI) with a new VACUTAP® VM® type DSI, which is maintenance free up to 600,000 switching operations, resulting in the reduction of maintenance costs, a contributing factor to TPC’s decision to make the change. Furthermore, the VACUTAP® technology offers many additional advantages such as drastically reduced running costs over the entire operating life, increased transformer availability, no oil carbonization, no replacement of contacts and no integrated oil filter systems at maximum reliability.

TPC was instrumental in handling all preparatory work including deenergizing the 30 MVA transformer, conducting a safety briefing for all persons involved in the project, handling the oil and providing crane services. Due to MR’s precision and good planning, the replacement was completed in a single day.

 Following this achievement, a technical seminar was held on 30 October 2013 where Ms. Lilla Hagg, Sales Director of RAP, gave a presentation on the new VACUTAP® technology and Mr. Umar Al-Faruq Ramlan, RAP’s Service Specialist, addressed the necessity of the OILTAP® tap-changer maintenance. W. S. Liaw of Sang Hope, MR’s agent in Taiwan, was on hand to conduct the translation from English to Taiwanese for all the attending participants.

After the seminar concluded, a TPC specialist performed the ratio test and DC resistance measurement; and subsequently the transformer was put back into service. Although an earth quake measuring 6.7 on the Richter Scale struck Taiwan the very next day with its epicentre just 50 kilometers from the Fenglin Substation, the new MR VACUTAP® VM® continued to operate without a hitch, which is a testament to the proven reliability of MR’s VACUTAP® VM® to withstand such arduous conditions.

To view the exchange of the VACUTAP® VM®, please click here

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