MR technology for new energy projects in South America

In South America, Peruvian transformer manufacturer Delcrosa is considered a pioneer for renewable energy projects and continuously develops new technologies, particularly for wind power. Delcrosa has been working with and relying on tap changers from MR for years to guarantee a reliable power supply. For a new project, MR will provide a VACUTAP® VRC with a TAPMOTION® ED motor-drive unit.

The VACUTAP® VRC will operate in a 50 MVA transformer. In addition to a tap changer and motor-drive unit, MR is also providing a TAPCON® 240 to ensure reliable voltage regulation. The MPREC® pressure relief device and the two MTraB® DB 100 dehydrating breathers come from Messko, an MR subsidiary.

Delcrosa was founded in 1954 and has been the only manufacturer of transformers and motors in Peru for many years. The company is based in Lima. Delcrosa builds and markets power transformers of up to 400 MVA and 500 kV for the national energy infrastructure with an extensive supply of actuators (motors, gearing, frequency converters, etc.). The company provides electromechanical services in general, but particularly focuses on renewable energy projects in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution.