Customer day in Romania

2 days hands-on experience with MR products

From March 26 - 28, 2014 in Poiana Braşov (Romania), MR organized the second customer day of the series "2 days hands-on experience with MR products" in cooperation with its Romanian representative PROMAD. The theme of the event was "Maintenance requirements of OLTCs".

The central city of Poiana Braşov once again proved to be the perfect event location. More than 70 participants from all over the country visited the seminar. Nearly all Romanian utilities, as well as the transmission grid operator Transelectrica and the nuclear power plant operator CNE (Nuclearelectrica) were represented. The transformer manufacturer Elerom also participated.

The themes of this year's customer day followed on from the initial event of 2012. The theme at this event was "Modernization of transformers" and this year the focus was on "Maintenance requirements of OLTCs". To date, almost no maintenance has been carried out according to MR standards in Romania. To improve their understanding of what MR standard maintenance involves, the maintenance of an OILTAP® M type diverter switch insert was demonstrated to the participants. The customers were enthusiastic and also surprised at the scope of the MR maintenance and all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration. This interest was reflected in numerous questions. It became clear to the customers that MR, as global market leader, is also the contact partner with the most expertise when it comes to the "Servicing requirements of the on-load tap-changer”.  


In addition to maintenance, the following themes were also addressed:

  • VACUTAP® - vacuum technology from MR
  • Reduction of grid losses
  • RD-LTX replacement drive – an affordable MR motor-drive unit for the replacement of drives from other suppliers
  • Dynamic resistance measurement TAPSCAN® DRM
  • Implementation of various remote control and automation systems
  • Problems and challenges arising from the increased number of wind turbines and solar plants
  • Data acquisition, monitoring

The participant feedback was positive in all respects and provides grounds for optimism that turnover from maintenance and replacement orders in Romania will increase. Following the first customer day in 2012, several small orders and two large orders with a value of around 1 million euros were placed in Romania. The greatest share of this was a project commissioned by E.ON Moldova Distributie SA to replace old Elprom drives with a total of 59 MR TAPMOTION® ED100S motor-drive units with corresponding TAPCON® 230 Expert IEC 61850 and also bring these into operation by the end of 2014. Additional tenders from E.ON are anticipated.