OILTAP® M delivers constant voltage ratios in Algeria

In Algiers, the capital of Algeria, power cuts are frequent during the summer. To prevent this, the SGB-SMIT Group delivered 11 transformers to the state energy supplier Sonelgaz. All the transformers contain OILTAP® M tap changers from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) to ensure the correct voltage ratio at all times.

With 37 million inhabitants, Algeria is Africa's largest country and third largest economy. It has currency reserves of over US$ 200 billion, making it one of the most important markets on the African continent. As Algeria's energy demand is growing by close to 20% per year, investments in energy generation and power grids are urgently required.

In a direct order, SGB delivered 11 transformers worth around €9 million to Sonelgaz, six with an output of 40 MVA and five with an output of 120 MVA. To guarantee constant voltage ratios around the clock, SGB relies on tried-and-tested tap changers from MR, in this case the OILTAP® M. For the transformer accessories, SGB also opted for top quality by installing MESSKO products. The 11 transformers for Sonelgaz were equipped with the following MESSKO products:

  • MTO-ST 160 oil level indicator
  • MPREC® pressure relief device
  • COMPACT MT-ST160F dial thermometer
  • COMPACT MT-ST160W dial thermometer
  • ZT-F2.1 temperature transmitter