ISM® – Integrated Smart Module

Individual monitoring solution

MR's Integrated Smart Module (ISM®) provides an individual monitoring solution for your tap changers and transformers. The ISM® provides an overview of all relevant operating data while functions and usage site can be tailored to your wishes. You decide whether the ISM® is integrated in the TAPMOTION® motor-drive unit or fitted in a separate control cabinet.

Alongside a standard scope, including all the functions of tap changer monitoring, a transformer monitoring, web server and control system link (IEC61850 and IEC104), versions are also available for simple and smart solutions which perfectly cover the needs of older or smaller transformers. The experts at MR implement customized requests within a very short time, delivering solutions suitable for industry.

ISM®s can also be combined to establish fleet monitoring where relevant information about the transformers and tap changers is transmitted to a central database system. Data are converted into information and detailed assessments can be generated to assist in the evaluation of your transformer fleet. Should a fault arise, this is can be displayed on the central system in real time. Information about critical events can also be provided by text or e-mail. It is also possible to switch to the local ISM® unit instantly and call up the detailed information or download the memory as required.  


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