First TRAFOGUARD® installed in Italy

Colleagues at Reinhausen Italia (RI) recently installed the first TRAFOGUARD® system in Italy at Milan's largest energy supplier. The customer is now trialling the TRAFOGUARD® for around a year. If the system proves to be suitable, all transformers in substations in and around Milan will be fitted with TRAFOGUARD®.

The TRAOGUARD® was installed in a large substation being connected to the Italian HV-grid and providing power to the entire south of Milan. One out of four power transformers in the substation, each of them with a rating power of 40 MVA and a rating voltage of 220/22 kV, will be the new home for the TRAFOGUARD® system. The transformer was produced in Italy and is fitted with an OILTAP® M and TAPMOTION® ED motor-drive unit. It was already connected to the control center by fiber-optic cable, allowing an easy integration of the  the TRAFOGUARD® via the IEC 61850 communication protocol. Although the transformer is equipped with a voltage regulator and a variety sensors including gas analysis sensors, the customer initially only wanted  the enabling of OLTC monitoring together with information about the transformer service life.

Since this was the first time that the TRAFOGUARD® system had been commissioned, MR sent two technicians to help their RI colleagues while the customer's staff also provided excellent assistance. The Italian-German team established a very good spirit by jointly mastering the typical challenges of a turn-key-modification on site.

On the first day, the team installed additional terminals in the control cabinet of the transformer, provided the internal wiring and connected the various signals to the TRAFOGUARD®. After parameterization, the system started immediately and displayed the relevant OLTC-data. On the second day, the TRAFOGUARD® was finally commissioned and the customer's staff received product training establishing what the system can do in terms of predictive maintenance and transformer control. It looks as if this initial installation will be followed by many more.