Vacuum technology used by GSE in Georgia

Two transformers were recently modernized for state energy supply company Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd. (GSE) in the port of Batumi (Georgia). The two 125 MVA auto transformers were fitted with modern MR tap changers with vacuum technology and accessories. The modernization work was prompted mainly by recurring problems with the old tap changers and voltage regulation. The operator needs reliable and safe transformer operation requiring as little maintenance as possible.

Reliable operation

Three VACUTAP® VM® vacuum tap-changers, three ED 100S motor-drive units, one TAPCON® 260 voltage regulator and MESSKO dehydrating breathers MTraB® DB 100 and DB 200 were used per transformer. The maintenance-free dehydrating breathers are designed for tap-changer oil (DB 100) and transformer oil (DB 200) and minimize the amount of moisture in the insulating liquids.

Given the design of the transformers, each VACUTAP® VM® tap changer was fitted with a motor-drive unit. The TAPCON® 260 therefore handles both voltage regulation and bank parallel operation of the VACUTAP® tap changers.

Rapid implementation

Modernization of the first transformer was carried out in under two weeks. Close cooperation with the customer and a clear definition of the scope of work resulted in rapid installation to the complete satisfaction of the operator, who was also impressed with the expertise and quick response of MR. The four-strong MR team responded promptly and professionally to all unforeseeable circumstances on the ground, which meant that the two transformers were connected to the grid as scheduled.






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