Maintenance-Free Breather saving Costs for Japanese Electric Power Company

Longer and longer operating times coupled with constantly rising current densities for power transformers have led to continuously increasing demands on quality and the reduction of life cycle costs of transformers and equipment.

One cost intensive component is the conventional-style dehydrating breather on transformers and on-load tap-changers. The periodic visual inspections and the regular replacement of the drying agent used in these breathers represent a significant cost factor for Japanese utilities.

One of the major Japanese utilities was therefore looking for a high-quality solution to significantly reduce these costs while maintaining the quality of air drying, or even increasing it. The solution was found in MR’s maintenance-free dehydrating breather MESSKO® MTraB®. After having the MTraB® thoroughly tested by their engineers in the laboratory and in the field, the major Japanese utility is convinced they have the solution, which is perfectly aligned with its maintenance philosophy of reducing costs and extending the lifetime of transformers. MTraB®’s silica gel is dehydrated by a sensor-controlled heater element. This minimizes the visual inspections, and the expensive, regular replacement of the drying agent is no longer necessary. The major Japanese utility has approved the MTraB® and already started to install the first units.