First TESSA® monitoring system delivered

The South Korean transformer manufacturer ILJIN ELECTIC ordered ten VACUTAP® VR units from MR’s Korean subsidiary Reinhausen Korea (RKR). The delivery also contained something very special: the first TESSA® monitoring system, the new and comprehensive transformer-monitoring system from MR. The system will be commissioned in the next few days at the operator ENKA at an oil & gas-site in Iraq.

The system in Iraq consists of 10 TRAFOGUARD® units which record and evaluate transformer information. The data is forwarded through IEC61850 via fiber-optic communication to the central TESSA® monitoring system where it is recorded and clearly displayed. The customer can access the TESSA® fleet monitoring system over a standard web browser in the control room and immediately sees the most important values of the individual transformers presented on an overview page.

Details of the transformers can be called up quickly and easily enabling a fast and reliable evaluation of the transformers. The customer sees current load conditions and the condition of his transformers at a glance, can recognize faults and unintentional operating states early, and receives valuable assistance with troubleshooting. At a higher level, the customer has an overload capability function with which he can overload the transformers depending upon their load state without causing a disproportionate increase in aging. All recorded data is converted to Modbus TCP and sent to the customer’s control system thereby giving the customer access to all relevant transformer information.

This is the first major project in which the new TESSA® fleet monitoring system is being used. Project planning and engineering was completed in only 3 months. Quick and successful realization was only possible through close dialogue with the customer and perfect collaboration between the Korean sales and service staff and MR's electronics specialists and project management in Regensburg.