MR ensures reliable power supply of EXPO in Shanghai

Shanghai Expo 2010 concluded successfully on October 31, 2010. This year’s world exhibition was an unprecedented event attracting 246 exhibiting countries and over 79 million visitors, with a total exhibition area of 5.28 square kilometers. The EXPO’s most important electricity supplier was the Jing’an Underground Substation. It is China’s first underground, digital and intelligent 500 kV switching station and only the second of its kind worldwide.

The Jing’an Underground Substation is a completely underground station that is located at extreme depth and over an extremely large area. It is the deepest top-down design project in Shanghai to date, constructed downwards from the earth’s surface, with a depth of 33.5 m and total underground construction space of 53,000 square meters. The substation consists of two groups of (up to six) 500 kV transformers from Toshiba and two 220kV transformers from Siemens. All these transformers are equipped with MR’s DEETAP® DU off-circut tap-changers.

MR also supplied VACUTAP® VR and VT on-load tap-changers as well as various PQM products and services to ensure a secure and reliable power supply to various EXPO areas, such as the EXPO Boulevard, the Chinese Pavilion and the Expo Show Center.