SEO is focusing on the new MTraB® gamma controller from Messko for cavern applications

The functional principle of the maintenance-free dehydrating breather MTraB® is based on the regeneration of the silica gel used for dehumidification via sensor-controlled heating elements. Since the market launch in 2004, over 12,000 units have been installed worldwide. The costly regular replacements of silica gel are no longer implemented, which means that Messko’s MTraB® has contributed to significant savings in costs for many customers. In addition to being maintenance-free, the MTraB® has a further advantage over conventional dehydrating breathers. There is no risk of moisture penetration, which exists with used conventional dehydrating breathers, and the operational reliability of the transformer is thus altogether increased.

These advantages have also convinced the Société Electrique de l’Our S.A (abbreviated to SEO) in Luxembourg, who have long placed their trust in the quality of the Messko products. SEO operates the pumped-storage power plant in Vianden. This power plant plays an important role in the security of supply in the integrated European network – especially now, as renewable energies that will not be continuously available are being increasingly used. In this particular case of a cavern application, a MTraB® dehydrating breather with the new gamma controller will be used. This is a self-learning system for applications with aperiodic respiratory behavior, which occurs in transformers installed in caverns, for example. If the humidity of the air flowing towards the transformer exceeds a specified value, the silica gel containers are alternately regenerated.

In this particular application in Vianden, there is a further specific feature. On the transformer installed in 1961, a Messko thermometer originating from the same year has been performing its service without failure from 1961 up to the present day. Yet further proof of the quality and reliability of the Messko products.