PQ delivers additional compensation systems to Xiashun Aluminium Foil Co.

Last year the Power Quality (PQ) Division of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) had already delivered a 10 kV-POCOS system for reactive power compensation to the southern Chinese company by the name of Xiashun Aluminium Foil Co. And now in April of 2010 PQ has also been able to win over Xiashun for the second project.

In contrast to the first order, PQ has added a function for regulating harmonic oscillations to the basic power compensation for the new systems. The main purpose of the extra function is to make sure that the fifth, eleventh, seventeenth and twenty-third harmonic oscillations are filtered out. For Xiashun this means a significant improvement in the quality of the electrical voltage since - as people in the branch know - the seventeenth and twenty-third harmonic oscillations are particularly difficult to eliminate.

The systems of the second project are currently in the design and production phases in Germany with delivery to the new factory of Xiashun Aluminium Foil planned for July. Meanwhile the first project has entered its final phase (i.e., connection of the system and test run).

Since the two companies began working together in 2005, MR has continuously offered its Xiashun customer comprehensive compensation solutions – thanks to the progressive technology of MR’s products and its wide range of experience in design. The current cooperative project proves once again that MR is the leader in the area of regulating harmonic oscillations.




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