Issue 04 | 2008

Michael Rohde

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We thought it was necessary to basically revise our manual drive for off-circuit tap-changers. The result is called TAPMOTION® DD and it can be ordered and delivered starting spring 2009. With quite some pride we have been accompanying a project that is progressing off the Danish coast. The wind park Horns Rev 2 of the energy supplier Energinet represents one more pioneering step in this sector. A mini substation in the North Sea, offshore transformers from Austria and, inside it all, maintenance-free on-load tap-changers from Regensburg – it's exciting how modern technology is helping to produce clean energy for the future. Apropos future: There is a date which you should mark in red right away on your calendar. From the 7th to the 9th of June 2009 TRANSFORM will be held again in Rome. A communication platform for the international transformer branch. With exciting presentations and exclusive exhibitions. Starting in mid December more details can be found under www.transform2009.com

Enjoy reading and take care!

Best regards
Michael Rohde
Managing Director

P.S: Feel free to contact our webmaster at webmaster@reinhausen.com in order to help us to get better every time.

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MR On-Load Tap-Changers Offshore
Power Generation off the Danish Coast

The demand for power from renewable sources is continuously increasing. Offshore windparks around the world are contributing more and more to clean energy generation.
Particularly powerful: The new Horns Rev 2 Windpark of the Danish power provider Energinet. A total of 91 wind turbines are in operation ten kilometers off the Danish coastal town of Esbjerg.

Starting in May of 2009, they will begin producing 200 MW annually in this stormy setting. Two on-site VACUTAP® VR on-load tap-changers regulate two transformers from Siemens Transformers in Linz. These transformers are known as step-up transformers (i.e., they give up more voltage to the secondary winding than they receive from the primary winding). Messko supplied an MPreC® and an MTO for pressure relief and oil level indication as necessary accessories for failure-free operation. Obviously, all devices must be provided with an extremely high degree of anti-corrosion protection. Since VACUTAP® on-load tap-changers only have to be serviced every 300,000 switching operations, the 200,000 households connected to this windpark can be constantly supplied with economical, clean energy.

Facts and figures:
Performance per wind generator: 2.3 MW
Transformer weight: 300 tons
Platform height: 17 meters
Helicopter deck: 27 meters
Water depth: 13 meters
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New: TAPMOTION® DD Manual Drive

Decades of practical experience and our know how as market leader for off-circuit tap-changers have gone into our new TAPMOTION® DD manual drive. Starting spring 2009, the device will be ready for ordering and delivery. It offers a single uniform construction for all off-circuit tap-changers.

Of course, the TAPMOTION® DD also meets the requirements of IEC 60214-1. Its uniform mounting and driven shaft geometry significantly reduces the construction work required to secure it on the transformer.
Not to be forgotten: The TAPMOTION® DD is particularly easy to assemble. The time-tested housing (trough and cover) is made of corrosion-resistant, cast aluminum which makes the TAPMOTION® DD able to also withstand the most extreme of weather conditions.

Safety First
  • All electrical and mechanical components of the manual drive are covered to prevent them against being accidentally touched (BGV A3).
  • The Generation of a warning signal is possible when the cover and lock are removed.
  • Monitoring of the synchronism of the manual drive and the off-circuit tap-changer (drive shaft monitoring).
  • When the off-circuit tap-changer is actuated, forced disconnection of the transformer occurs (supervisory circuitry).
    The TAPMOTION® DD plays out its strengths during everyday operation:
  • Clearly-organized and easy-to-read indication field containing all information concerning regulating range, position of manual drive and off-circuit tap-changer, switching progress and number of operations.
  • Modern cage-clamp technology
  • Electrical remote position transmitter for up to 17 positions possible.
  • Functional separation of position transmitter board and position transmitter module (interchangeability of different remote position transmitters).
  • Uniform mounting and driven shaft geometry for all TAPMOTIONĀ® DD models.
  • Panel heater as full-fledged, anti-condensation heater possible.
  • Maintenance-free up to 20,000 switching operations.
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Transformer Retrofitted
Utility Company in Thailand Focuses on Asset Management

This year the Thai Utility Company EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority Thailand) had – for the first time - a 200MVA transformer with MR products. This project was conducted in order to determine the long term reduction of maintenance and operating costs. Specialists of MR mounted a TAPGUARD® 240 on-load tap-changer monitoring system and a maintenance-free MTraB® dehydrating breather on a 200MVA transformer made by Fuji Electric. The transformer is located at the Ban Pong 2 substation, 100 km to the west of Bangkok.

TAPGUARD® 240 was added to monitor the on-load tap-changer. This device provides maintenance recommendations based on data of the on-load tap-changer, tapping positions, switched currents and contact wear. This allows to detect easily if the diverter switch insert has to be changed, an inspection or cleaning of the tap selector is necessary.

Before mounting the MTraB® a conventional dehydrating breather was in operation. The subtropical climate made it necessary to replace the silica gel on these breathers several times a year. Costs for travel to the site, personnel and material were high. In addition, replacement posed certain risks. If performed too late, the transformer might have already breathed in some moisture.
The maintenance-free MTraB® with integrated heater avoids these problems. The dehydrating breather is mounted on the pipe of the oil conservator where a moisture sensor and a temperature sensor are located. The optimal point in time for the drying of the silica gel is determined by the latter and internal algorithms including, among others, the load progression during the last few days. Numerous tests have shown that typical load progressions were distributed throughout the day in almost all cases. It could also be shown that the MTraB® was continuously on the lookout for the suitable baking point in time. This means that there is no danger of the transformer breathing in moist air while the baking procedure is taking place in the dehydrating breather. A dehydrating breather type DB200-T was mounted, starting with 43,000 liters of oil in the transformer's tank. For the on-load tap-changer with an oil volume of 800 liters a DB100 was sufficient. 5,000 MTraB® have already been mounted worldwide.

EGAT – Electricity Generating Authority Thailand
The company was founded in 1969 from the three previously state-owned energy providers. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Electricity. EGAT provides approximately 59% of Thailand's power and operates 210 substations between 500 and 115 kV.
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Keith Baird with Natives from Papua New Guinea
The service team of PNG Power Ltd with Keith Baird from Reinhausen Australia maintaining the motor drive
Service Support in Papua New Guinea

No spot is too remote for our service technicians. MR began providing on-load tap-changers and voltage regulators to support the establishment of electrical power for Papua New Guinea in 1968. A very rugged and mountainous country with a population of just under 6 million. Since the construction and commissioning of the power system, which has in excess of 20 transformers all fitted with MR on-load tap changers, over the years MR technicians have provide technical support and service in PNG. Since the late 1980s our Australian subsidiary - Reinhausen Australia - has been working for the local power provider PNG Power Ltd. Eight on-load tap-changers were serviced there this year. The first maintenance job was to take place on Mt. Hagen. For two whole days the road that led there was impassable. Fortunately our service technicians were able to fly in by helicopter. The service team took pictures of the natives in their traditional costumes at the transformer station in Hagen. Service visits to Kudjip, Kundiawa, Goroka, Kainantu, Gusap, Madang and Lae followed. The transformer station at Kundiawa proved to be quite a physical challenge to the team. Their truck got stuck in the mud and all the heavy equipment had to be carried on foot to the transformer station. Strenuous physical labor at 30 degrees Celsius and without a cooling breeze.
After the service truck got stuck. The workers had to carry the whole equipment to the substation
The street up Mt. Hagen collapsed and was closed down for 2 days
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Superlative MRcademies®
Above Average Number of Participants in Turkey and Mexico

The events of our customer academy MRcademy® broke all previous participation records in Turkey and in Mexico. From the 30th to the 31st of October in Antalya, 140 customers learned about the latest technologies in the areas of on-load tap-changers, accessories and power quality. In the exhibition area of the hotel, participants from Turkey, Iraq and Iran had a look at a VACUTAP® VR and a maintenance-free MTraB® dehydrating breather from Messko, among others, and listened to explanations of them. In addition, a service technician did a live demonstration of the maintenance on a diverter switch insert which the participants found particularly interesting.

The MRcademy® in Mexico exceeded all expectations, too.
Not a free seat was left in the 140-person lecture hall on November 13th. The event in Puerto Vallarta was the first of its kind in Mexico.
The participants came from Mexico, all over Central America and the Caribbean. Here as well a diverter switch was maintained for the visitors to watch. Feedback received from both MRcademies® was consistently positive. The events were considered very informative. The opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues of the same branch and the experts of MR was highly praised.
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 TRANSFORM 2009 in Rome

Following the extremely successful TRANSFORM 2007 in Doha, we are again offering you the opportunity in 2009 to learn about the latest information on new technology trends, new products and processes. From June 7 to 9, attend the TRANSFORM 2009 in Rome and exchange ideas with colleagues from all over the world. Starting in mid December, complete details will be available on our homepage at www.transform2009.com