Issue 03 | 2008

Michael Rohde

Dear Sir or Madam,

Most of us are back from their summer holiday by now. We are going back to work with new enthusiasm. What has changed at REINHAUSEN over the summer? One of our latest challenges was to figure out a way how we could save transformer manufacturers’ time and money, already in the construction phase. Our answer: From now on, if you order a tap-changer at our company, you will receive the corresponding 3-D model of it including drive shafts, on demand and already in advance. This can effect time saving of up to one day. You will find all further information in this issue of INSIGHT. Another breaking news story: our worldwide unique test center in Regensburg has gone into operation, in order to enable us to launch, innovate and practice capable products for your requirements more quickly in the future.

Enjoy reading!

Best regards
Michael Rohde
Managing Director

P.S: Feel free to contact our webmaster at webmaster@reinhausen.com in order to help us to get better every time.

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Only test center of its kind in the world opened ...
Service in the third dimension – the TAPMODELLER®...
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Minister President Günther Beckstein together with Richard Scheubeck and the General Managers Michael Rohde and Dr. Nicolas Maier-Scheubeck (from left) in front of the new test center
the new high voltage hall
“Torture chamber” and think tank
Only test center of its kind in the world opened

Following a spectacular official opening ceremony by the Minister President of Bavaria, our new test center in Regensburg is now operational. At a cost of no less than 25 million Euros, the new high-tech building has no equal anywhere in the world. This is where we subject our tap-changers to ultra-tough tests in high-voltage, power and mechanics laboratories. Nowhere else in the world is it possible to provide such comprehensive simulation of the whole range of loads and stresses to which these devices are exposed over their service lives. Whether it be electrical, mechanical, chemical or climatic loads and stresses, in our test center we have every kind of testing device and method that can possibly be needed.

A few highlights: in our high-voltage laboratories we can generate power-frequency voltage of up to 700,000 V using our test transformers and can therefore simulate the loads associated with real electrical high-voltage power supply systems. Using a voltage pulse generator capable of generating voltage peaks of up to 1.8 V with a rise time of one millionth of a second, the tap-changers are tested for their performance under the impact of lightning strikes. In order to simulate the loads and stresses associated with external temperature influences, we run a range of cold and heat cycles in our temperature chambers. We have two test chambers. Here we can run fully automated load and stress cycles with a speed of change of 1 degree per minute and the application of hydrostatic pressure of up to 2.5 bar within a temperature range of -70°C to +130°C.
On-load tap-changer in temperature chamber of the test center
Presentation at the opening of the test center
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Dr. Jens Frost (left), Manager of the business unit Composite Insulators accepts the award.
Success for the Composite Products Team, 24 June 2008
Siemens Healthcare names MR the supplier of the year

The employees of our Composite Products (CP) Division have reason to celebrate. Dr. Jens Frost was present in Erlangen to accept the award as supplier of the year from Siemens Healthcare. Every year Siemens reviews all suppliers and grades their performances with an elaborate point system. The decision for MR was not only based on the excellent cooperative work but also, even more importantly, on the quick help during development projects. For years now, the Composite Products Division has been supplying processed composite tubes as coil carriers for magnetic resonance tomography devices. These are the devices which allow doctors to look inside the human body.
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General Manager Michael Rohde and Key Account Manager Bernd Behrend (from right) dressed in FCN apron and sweat suit at award ceremony.
Award-winning Logistics:
Siemens Transformers awards Supplier Award to MR

Siemens’ Transformers division recently presented the Supplier Award 2006/2007 in the Logistics category for all suppliers worldwide. MR received an award for its outstanding forecast system, while the other awards went to Thyssen Krupp, Asta, Pucaro, Shell and TTP India. The award ceremony took place in the stadium of FC Nuremberg.

Along with the planners at the 20 transformer production plants of the Siemens division, MR had managed to quickly adapt its delivery capability and faithfulness to delivery deadlines to rapidly growing demand. MR tap-changers were the only component for which no changes had to be made to delivery dates for transformers to end customers of Siemens within the period under assessment. Tribute was paid to this logistics performance as an exemplary benchmark in the massive phase of growth.

This performance, however, would not have been possible without our motivated staff whose joint efforts throughout the entire MR logistics chain, from Sales to Materials Management, Assembly and Dispatch, made a lasting contribution to this success. Our special thanks to all the staff involved.

General Manager Michael Rohde, who was there to receive the award with Bernd Behrend (Key Account Siemens) said: “Such recognition from one of our customers makes us proud. However, it is not a cause for self-satisfaction. Instead, we see this award as further motivation. The lasting competitiveness of our customers is our goal.“
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High-tech and aesthetics - Beijing's Olympic stadium Bird Nest
The Water Cube: the illuminated Water Sports Centre at night
Safe Power Supply by MR for the Olympic Games

During the last couple weeks, the whole world focused on the Olympic Games in Beijing. Safe power supply was one of the primary issues for holding successful Games. Therefore, in accordance with the requirements of the State Grid Corporation of China, all the suppliers for important equipment, including MR, stood at the front line and did their utmost to assure safe and reliable power supply. MR sent out a professional engineer to Beijing who will stay there for service until the end of the Paralympics.
The power grids of all relative cities were prepared to respond to all kinds of security threats and had the confidence and capability to ensure safe power supply for the Olympic Games. The tap-changers of MR were applied in the following projects in order to make a good contribution to the success of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympics:
Anhui substation, National Stadium(the main stadium – Bird Nest)
Olympic Village substation
Wukesong substation, basketball (main field)
Beijing University substation, badminton gymnasium
Haojiadun substation water sports center
Huangsi substation
Chaoyang substation
South African Subsidiary has been Renamed
SBR Engineering has become Reinhausen South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Since 1 October 2005 SBR Engineering is a 100% subsidiary of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH and its sole agent in sub-Saharan Africa.

On 1 August 2008 RZA (Reinhausen South Africa) started doing business under its new name, which accentuates the connection to the parent company Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen. Of course RZA will further on be the reliable partner for our customers in Africa under our new name.

All contact details such as address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. will stay the same.
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3-D model of a complete on-load tap-changer
Service in the third dimension – the TAPMODELLER®

Since April 2008, we are offering a new service. With every offer, you receive the corresponding drive shaft sketch, which makes the construction of your transformer much easier.
Meanwhile, we have enhanced this service and are now able to provide 3-D models of complete on-load tap-changers and off-circuit tap-changers. For you, the TAPMODELLER® means most of all less time for developing and more detailed cost calculations, as you can estimate the size of the needed transformer more precisely.
SMIT Transformers b.v. in Nijmegen, Netherlands is already using this innovation and is convinced of the many benefits it has to offer.
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Messko - oil level indicator on a transformer in Ternitz
Digital thermometer EPT202 in the substation Ternitz.
Remote Oil Level Check

Oil level indicators on transformer expansion tanks are common items of equipment. There is an increasing need for tank values to be monitored from a distance. The magnetic indicators made by Messko provide the perfect solution. Here the values are converted into process signals, typically 4 – 20 mA, by a TT30 signal converter, making remote interrogation simplicity itself.

The Austrian power supply VERBUND – Austrian Power Grid AG – is already using this solution. MTO-TT indicators, for example, have been installed on the new phase shifters in Ternitz, Tauern and Ernsthofen. These are each comprised of an exciting transformer and a series transformer. In addition to the standard version, shown in the illustration, tilt bracket versions have also been installed. This enables the oil level to be easily read from below. To be on the safe side the values are also sent by data communication to the EPT202, the Messko digital thermometer. This monitors the temperature of the oil and the winding as well, and controls the fans into the bargain.
The illustrations show both of the devices on the phase shifter in Ternitz. This is where the flow of power to the Steiermark, where power consumption is higher than the production, is controlled.
Messko recently started selling three different limit switches for standard oil level indicators, the only company to offer them anywhere in the world. These are either configured to fixed settings at the factory or are optionally freely configurable. One possible use is for maximum oil level, minimum oil level and critical minimum oil level. A trip message is only triggered in the last case. It goes without saying that these three limit switches are also available in combination with tilt brackets and signal converters to enable the oil level to be read on a remote basis as well.
    Overview of the features of the oil level indicator:
  • Tilt bracket, optionally 15°, 30° or 45°
  • 1 – 3 pre-set or freely configurable limit switches
  • TT30 signal converter with 4 - 20 mA output or optionally 0 – 1 mA, 0 - 20 mA or RS485
contact  o.koch@messko.com
Did you know? From now on Messko offers a five-year warranty for all products

Messko products offer maximum reliability. Our customers from all over the world value this. They depend on highest quality and availability. We want to reward this trust with something special: our new five-year warranty.It will go into effect starting on September 1, 2008 for all Messko products – except impact recorders for transport monitoring. Our warranty begins on the day of shipment and covers defects of our products. If you have a complaint, please return the defective device within the guarantee period. You will receive a replacement device in return.
Why are we going through all this trouble? To make it even easier for you to decide to buy our products. Because every investment in Messko quality pays off. Guaranteed.
Retrofit-tap changer OILTAP® MSE connected to the active component of the transformer at Diarost workshop.
At Diarost workshop: lifting the retrofit-tap changer OILTAP® MSE into the transformer.
The Retrofit Kit – Operating in Russia

In the last issue of INSIGHT we told you about our Retrofit Kit. For many industrial firms in the area of the former Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) this is a particularly useful innovation. The replacement of a Bulgarian tap-changer with a MR MSE tap-changer provides an example of a simple means of equipping functional and rugged transformers with long lasting tap-changers.

The transformer workshop Diarost in Russia has already benefited from the advantages offered.

At the start of June 2008, as part of a program of modernizing and increasing the capacity of the transformer in a substation in Kazan, the tap-changer was also replaced by an OILTAP® MSE.
In order to gain experience in the field of tap-changer replacement and to be able to react to any possible unforeseen eventualities, the replacement and modification work to the transformer was carried out in a transformer workshop. The replacement was a great success and, thanks to the MR adapter head, there was no need for any structural changes to the bell-type tank. In addition, design adaptations to the OILTAP® MSE tap selector made it possible to connect most of the connecting leads on the tap selector without modifications. Thanks to the fact that the job was completed easily and without a hitch, tap-changers will in future always be replaced on site, which will offer the operator considerable savings both in time and money.

Installation is no problem. Our experts can be contacted at service@reinhausen.com or a.kulkov@reinhausen.ru to answer all your questions.

contact  service@reinhausen.com
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Save yourself a long journey. We can come to you. Every year we visit over a dozen trade fairs around the world, where you can meet our experts, get the latest news directly from the source and test our products live. To help you plan your visit well in advance, here is our up-to-date trade fair overview up to the end of 2008:

Trade Fair Calendar
Date Event Location
2008/09/09 - 09/13 AMB Stuttgart, Germany
2008/09/09 - 09/13 Husum Wind Energy Husum, Germany
2008/09/24 LUDWAR In-house trade fair Gerolzhofen, Germany
2008/09/29 - 10/04 64. ITM Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2008/10/07 - 10/10 16th Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Exhibition Almaty, Kazakhstan
2008/10/15 - 10/17 belektro Berlin, Germany
2008/10/27 - 10/31 CEPSI 2008 Macau SAR, China
2008/10/30 - 10/31 MRcademy Antalya, Turkey
2008/10/30 - 11/02 EMP 2008 HCM-Stadt, Vietnam
2008/11/11 Siemens Planerforum Stuttgart, Germany
2008/11/11 - 11/12 Schutz und Leittechnik Fulda, Germany
2008/11/13 - 11/14 MRcademy Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

More information about MRcademy can be found here.
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