We're all for reciprocity.

We are looking for people who are passionate about their ideas, promote innovation and are team players. And we are willing to offer you numerous benefits. We give our all, not just for our customers, but for our employees, too.


Permanent employment contracts as standard, with very few exceptions

Pay structure taken from the Bavarian metalworking and electrical industry (position-dependent)


Salary components, such as bonuses, Christmas bonuses and extra pay

Flexible daily and weekly hours, accounted over long periods (without core hours)


Awards for suggested improvements, innovations and inventive achievements

Employer loans available for real estate financing


30 vacation days per year incl. holiday pay in the amount of about 70% of a monthly income (contract-dependent)

Diverse tasks in an exciting work environment


Ergonomic work stations with height-adjustable tables

Company cell phones for private use (position-dependent)


Secured and open Wi-Fi at all locations

Premium IT equipment at workstations and in meeting rooms


Innovation areas for design thinking and other agile working methods

Company vehicles and bicycles for commuting between locations


Easy and closely located parking at all locations

Online marketplaces for sales and purchasing – by employees, for employees


Collective field trips and team events, like rafting, sightseeing or beer garden visits

Company-wide staff parties to celebrate successes together


Diversity management as a strategic success factor in numerous measures

Over 40 international branches across all continents


Collegial, respectful and friendly interactions

Open communication that goes beyond hierarchies


Strong team spirit and cohesiveness across departments and in international teams

High levels of employee interaction with management through blogs and regular employee surveys


Shared recreational activities through several sports and cultural programs


Employer-financed corporate pensions

Private pensions subsidized through deferred compensation


Employer-financed group accident insurance

Partial retirement for early retirement (18 months to 6 years)


Employer-financed travel insurance

Company medical officer for health counseling and vaccinations


Anonymous and employer-financed mental health counseling

Scheduled health days: participate, try out and get advice


Many discounts for athletic facilities such as gyms and swimming pools

Company sports teams, e.g. soccer, mountain biking and running


Bicycle leasing: use deferred compensation and save up to 30%

Massage options at all locations


Excellent cafeteria with dedicated chefs and regional ingredients at a fair price

Free water cooler with famous Grander mineral water


Employer-financed light meals for late, night or Saturday shifts


Family-friendly and invested in employee satisfaction

Daycare/toddler's group "Villa Kunterbunt"


Company vacation programs and language camps

Touching base during parental leave with advice, parents' brunches and training


Individualized part-time work models and job sharing

35-hour contracts for most of our employees


Flextime without core hours and with long-term account savings for more flexibility

Home office and mobile work, individualized and situationally


Sabbaticals of 1–6 months for personal time

Advancement of women through development programs, mentoring and our Women@MR network


Attractive internal job market; approx. 70% of vacancies are filled in-house

Internal job fair for individualized consulting and transparency


Development needs and wishes as an inherent part of the employee performance review

Talent profile for career goals, foreign assignments, qualifications and success


Development programs and mentoring for junior staff

Continuing education catalog with over 1,000 courses


Educational leave for up to 5 days per calendar year

Support for new and experienced leadership through seminars, coaching and peer consulting


Support for junior staff through excellent training, stipends and a student talent program


Long-term growth strategy with a clear tie to the German manufacturing location

More than 300 engineers improving and inventing products daily


Family business with roots: job security as the highest goal

Products and services, in demand now and in the future across the entire globe


World market leader in niche markets of energy technology through highest standards and diligence

Co-creator of the digital transformation through new products and digital business models


Taking responsibility in numerous committees for international standards

Decisive contribution to global electrification and social prosperity


Beautiful location: UNESCO World Heritage Site, charming landscape and near Munich


*relevant for Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, Regensburg

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