Office and commercial buildings.

REINHAUSEN solutions for a secure, reliable energy supply in office and commercial buildings.

Both for newly constructed and existing buildings, over time, the people who use the building and the environment itself will leave visible marks on the structure. The same is true of the quality of the voltage supply inside the building: Due to a variety of requirements for reducing voltage loss, a great number of ventilation and heating-system drives are speed regulated today. This results in a relatively strong distortion of the power consumption of the largely power-electronic consumers in technical areas. A much larger challenge, however, is posed by the large number of electronic devices used by the occupants of these buildings. These diverse devices, which are primarily connected to random single-phase outlets, can overload a building's extended electricity distribution grid in a way that, in extreme cases, can even result in fires. Accordingly, property insurers require suitable filtering measures, such as active filters with four-wire technology installed in a central location in the building.
Not only do Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen active filters comply with these requirements, they also prevent electronic consumers from interfering with one another and modern LED lighting technology from aging prematurely.


Our recommended PQ products for office and commercial buildings


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