Premiere in China – on-load tap-changers in the 1000 kV grid

Construction work is underway - following the first 1000 kV AC line in China, another ultra high voltage project will supply power from Anhui to the east of the country using a looped circuit, 2 x 656 kilometers in length. For this project, MR supplied 21 DEETAP® DU de-energized tap-changers and four OILTAP® R on-load tap-changers, fitted in the corresponding transformers. These are the first on-load tap-changers in a 1000 kV power network to be used in China.

It is also the first project in China to transmit ultra high voltage from alternating current using steel tubular towers with looped circuits. At the same time, the project has the highest voltage class, the largest transmission capacity and the most modern technology anywhere in the world.

The power line runs via the Anhui-South and Zhejiang-North transformer stations to the Shanghai-West transformer station and is an important connection for reliable power supplies in the east of China. Furthermore, the project is an important step in reducing pollution and preserving soil resources in eastern China and in remedying the insufficient short-circuit capacity of 500 kV in eastern China's power network.

DEETAP® DU de-energized tap-changers from MR were also used in the first 1000 kV ultra high voltage/AC project in China. MR's high-quality tap-changer insulation, ease of maintenance and quality are particularly impressive in projects of this scale.  


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