Selina Lindner

    Training: Machining

    "I wanted to complete my vocational training at a company that offers excellent opportunities for the future and a high-quality training program.  A company that offers the right kind of workplace environment and support. That's why MR is exactly the right choice for me.

    My favorite part of my training as a machinist is the variety the program offers.

    Every day, I become more familiar with the various machines and discover many new things.

    A particular success story for me was at the beginning of my training, when I successfully milled and turned my first workpiece.

    Of course, I want to keep learning even after completing my training and would like to be hired on and stay at MR.

    My tip from an experienced trainee to prospective trainees: MR is perfect for those who want to learn a really good, technical trade. Graduates of the program have exceptional vocational skills. This offers them an excellent outlook for the future."