Egui Alexander Espitia

    Education: Electrical Engineer with specialization in high voltage
    Position: Manager of Order Processing
    At MR since: February 2007

    “My first contact with an MR product came in 1998 while I was working as a design engineer for a transformer manufacturer in my home country of Colombia. I was impressed by the quality of the product and the customer support. I dreamt of working for a company like MR. The dream began when I joined MR’s representative office in Colombia – a small, close-knit company but definitely the gate to the MR world. After a while I returned to the transformer manufacturer to start work in a new position in the organization, as a person responsible for selecting accessories and tap changers for power transformers. That position let me be even closer to MR and, as a result, I had the opportunity to join RM in the USA. I began as an Order Processor for RMV products. At the time, I was responsible for OEMs outside the USA. Winds of change came to RM and I was sent to MR for about one year for training in prod-ucts manufactured by MR in Germany, during which I worked as an Order Processor for the Americas team. Upon my return to RM, I became the manager of the Order Processing department and became responsible for all activities relating to quotations and orders.

    The most outstanding fact about working for MR is having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to work and interact with colleagues and customers from different geographical locations and different cultures. In addition, I feel one of my best personal accomplishments has been participating in the modernization of RM, including implementing new processes based on SAP. That was not just a goal, it was something that changed the lives of the RM community, including colleagues and customers.

    MR is a special employer because it has not just been a place to work. It has become a very important source of support for my family and personal life. Wherever I have worked (Germany or USA) or traveled, MR has always taken care of me and my family.

    What are my hopes for the future? Well, it’s difficult to plan the future. So, I prefer to continue enjoying my dream being part of this great family called MR.”