Successful cooperation between MR and Hyundai Heavy Industry (HHI)

In spring 2012, Reinhausen Korea (RKR) and Hyundai Heavy Industry (HHI) cooperated in a joint customer training session at the HHI Training Center in Ulsan, South Korea. Over the course of two days, employees from the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Arabia, participated in the training.

The event dealt intensively with the MR business units. In addition, the OLTC principle and highly reliable and economic operating methods were presented. The agenda also included practical demonstrations of assembly and disassembly of a tap-changer as well as new information on tap-changer technology innovations and transformer accessories.

In order to meet the high level of interest of users in tap-changer maintenance, HHI asked Reinhausen Korea as their preferred partner and tap-changer manufacturer to provide an OLTC training for HHI’s guests. First, the participants were given an overview of the history of the company and MR’s various business units. The guests were then acquainted with MR’s exclusive products and were also given an insight into the variety of MR products as well as an introduction to the OLTC principle and the appropriate maintenance methods.

The practical part of the training focused on the assembly and disassembly of OLTCs. Using the OILTAP® V exhibit provided by RKR, the participants were able to become actively involved in the workshops held by MR service technicians. The guests also showed great interest in MESSKO’s extensive product range.

Trainings of this type underscore the excellent cooperation between RKR and HHI as one of the global leaders for manufacturing transformers und strengthen the contact with end users.

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