MR On-Load tap-changers in the “Island Power Plant” Ningde in China

China’s first power plant, constructed on three islands, was put into operation in March of this year. The islands with the power plant Ningde are located at the village of Beiwan, 32 km south of the city of Fuding and border on the East China Sea. Qingchuan Bay lies to the north.

The project encompasses a total of six pressurized-water reactors with an installed power of 1,000 MW each and is split up into three construction phases. In the first construction phase, which started in February 2008, four 2,000 MW reactor blocks were constructed. This is the largest investment project in Fujian Province in the field of energy. The 1,000 MW nuclear reactors also represent the highest degree of autonomy and local added value in China to date.

The Tianwei Group is responsible as the sole provider of the 500 kV transformers in the construction project. MR itself is supplying a total of ten on-load tap-changers of type OILTAP®R for these high-voltage transformers. The insulation properties of the on-load tap-changers meet the requirements of transformers for highest voltages. The outstanding features of step voltage and switching capacity are equally convincing. Due to the optimum adjustment of rated through-current, insulation against ground, tap selector size, number of steps, etc. the MR on-load tap-changers can also be installed in the transformer tank with a minimum of space requirements.

The power plant will in future function as an interface between the north and south, and the power networks from Eastern China and Fujian Province. After completion of the four reactor blocks, around 30 billion kilowatt hours can be generated per year, with the electricity being used primarily within Fujian Province, while at the same time, however, competing with the Eastern Chinese electricity market.  

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