Clean, regulated energy thanks to OILTAP® V

President Kirchner inaugurates Argentinian wind park

In the Argentinian province of Chubut, near the capital Rawson, a new wind park has recently been put into operation – the Parque Eólico RAWSON (PER). Two OILTAP® V ensure a constant voltage ratio. MR is thus making its contribution to a clean environment – the wind park is reducing CO2 emissions by 150,000 tons every year.

The park is split up into two parts. In the first part (PER I) 27 wind turbines are supplying power of 50 MW. On September 30, 2011 this part of the park was inaugurated by the Argentinian President Christina Kirchner. The inauguration of the second section (PER II) took place in January 2012. 16 wind turbines provide power of 30 MW here. The wind park thus now has a total of 43 wind rotors, each of which are 80 meters high and in total 40 meters long.

The power is passing through two 60 MVA transformers with 130 kV voltage (one transformer for each section of the park),  equipped with MR tap-changers of type OILTAP® V together with motor drive TAPMOTION® ED, oil filter OF 100 and TAPCON® 230.

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