Turbo maintenance in Turkish steelworks

The MR service experts in Turkey have performed real turbo maintenance. In the Yolbulan Bastug steelworks, they overhauled six OILTAP® R – in less than 48 hours! The customer stipulated this extremely short timeframe in order to keep the production downtime as low as possible. In order to perform the maintenance within the tight schedule, four MR service technicians were put into action simultaneously.

One further point complicated things further – the maintenance work started on a Sunday. For one specialist in Regensburg, this meant that he also needed to work on the Sunday, in order to check the contact wear values communicated by telephone.

At 8 a.m. sharp on March 27, 2011, the technicians started the maintenance work. Yolbulan Bastug had already made all the necessary preparations to ensure the success of the venture. Groundings, oil pump, electric crane, reserve tap-changers, new oil – everything was prepared. Thanks to this good groundwork and the long-term experience of the MR specialists, the maintenance was performed very quickly. The service experts had to overhaul three OILTAP® R of a 150 MVA furnace transformer, as well as those of a reactor transformer. Within the specified time, they dismantled the OlLTAP® of the furnace transformer and installed reserve diverter switch inserts. The three OILTAP® R of the reactor transformer were dismantled, disassembled, cleaned, maintained and installed again. Thanks to the professional work by the MR specialists, Yolbulan Bastug was able to restart its steel production punctually and reliably.

Watch the maintenance live here.


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