400th VACUTAP® for Wilson Transformer

Australian owned Wilson Transformer Company (WTC) relies on the proven vacuum technology of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR). On 11th November 2009 the 400th VACUTAP® was delivered to WTC. This milestone was celebrated at WTC's Head Office and Power Transformer manufacturing plant in Glen Waverley (Victoria). Tim Farrell, Managing Director of Reinhausen Australia (RA), congratulated Robert Wilson, Managing Director of WTC, and presented him with a certificate to mark the occasion.

The relationship between WTC and RA has “developed strongly over the past ten years as our capability and volume have increased. MR is a critical and valued supplier/partner who has professionally supported our evolving requirements in a period of high global demand”, said Robert Wilson.

The first VACUTAP® was delivered to WTC in 2000 and installed in a 25 MVA 33/11 kV transformer, the end customer being Energex in Queensland, Australia. Now, nine years later, the 400th VACUTAP® was installed,once again by coincidence in a transformer being manufactured for Energex.

Since 1933 WTC has been producing high-quality transformers which are in use throughout Australia. Business relations between WTC and RA began in the 90’s and have been growing continuously. In the beginning, RA supplied one or two OLTCs a year. This was followed by a record-breaking number of almost 100 units last year which made WTC one of the main users of MR products in the Asian-Pacific region in 2008.

WTC continues to grow, not only in the domestic marketplace but also with exports to Great Britain, USA and the Middle East.

With their modern ideas and innovative thinking, WTC always finds the right solution for their end customer, which has earned them a reputation for quality, reliability and service. MR is proud to have participated in several of these innovative projects, some of which are the delivery of OLTCs that are suitable for Envirotemp FR3 natural ester cooling and insulating fluid that were installed in two new 50-MVA 132/11-kV transformers, and the VACUTAP® on-load tap-changer series, to the MTraB® dehydrating breathers which allow WTC transformers to operate reliably and economically.

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