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    Three-phase contactors for switching power capacitors

    The standard contacts we use are ultracompact capacitor contactors optimized for utilization category AC6b. For this purpose, the switching devices are equipped with preload resistors, which, with the aid of first make/last break contacts, briefly preload the capacitors. By doing so, the inrush current impulse is mostly prevented, leading to less circuit feedback and longer service life for the capacitors. The contactors used have a long service life that lasts at least 200,000 switching cycles for capacitor banks with tuned reactor. We place value on having the highest reliability and quality for selecting contactors.
    The contactors can be delivered in four sizes and with different actuation voltages, depending on the nominal current of the main contacts. We would be happy to advise you regarding the right design for your application.

    • Long service life due to large number of switching cycles
    • Protects your components by switching on capacitors using preload resistors
    • Compact design