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Compact medium voltage compensation

Product description

Compact, intelligent und expandable: With POCOS® PQ offers a system particularly suited for use in medium voltage systems. POCOS® comes into its own wherever a compensation task needs to be adapted to a technological process or sophisticated customer requirement. PQ makes full use of the extensive experience it has gained over the years in the worldwide use of the system for it on-going developments.

Several steps can combined in parallel if necessary. Variations either with or without reactor protection are possible. Despite ist extremely compact design: the use of vacuum switching devices, optimized capacitors and iron-cored reactors means that a high degree of compensation per step can be achieved. In addition to the basic version for indoor installation there are optional systems available for outdoor installation as well.

POCOS®  – the universal and flexible solution for the most challenging requirements

  • medium power compensation capacities
  • preferred solution for automatic control units with up to 6 compensation steps for group compensation
  • used for individual motor or fixed step compensation as well as customized system solutions
  • sturdy cabinet design with door-locking system
  • various assembly combinations, e.g. back-to-back installation
  • modules for special applications such as filter circuit step with high pass resistors
  • dividing walls between the individual compensation steps
  • each compensation module has its own separately accessible low-voltage area
  • a multitude of equipment combinations