The fleet securely under control.

Our fleet monitoring solution is called TESSA®.

  • Automated monitoring of all equipment (24/7)
  • Manufacturer-independent integration of all equipment using standardized protocols (IEC61850, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP3 and others)
  • Intuitive overview and data analyses of gas-in-oil, tap changer and bushings
  • Central database and algorithm for trend monitoring
  • Utilization of the existing communication structure (OT and IT) as well as the fi eld devices used on site
  • Savings thanks to extended service life of the equipment and condition-based maintenance
For electrical grid operators, this provides a comprehensive tool capable of:
  • Monitoring and evaluating their equipment,
  • detecting trends or errors at an early stage,
  • and thereby providing a basis for analyzing the economic efficiency of their fleets.

TESSA® allows your electrical equipment to be monitored globally. You receive all the information you need for ideal condition assessment and implementation of your maintenance strategy. TESSA® integrates various online data sources by means of standardized control system protocols. The recorded data is stored in a central database for further analysis and archiving. Overview information and detailed analyses (gas-in-oil, tap changer and bushings) are consistently displayed. TESSA® fleet monitoring also detects gradual changes and indicates them in a timely manner. Our system meets all security standards for protection against unauthorized access. In the event of a critical incident, the system can send a warning by e-mail or text message. TESSA® fleet monitoring can be accessed directly via a web browser, without the need to install additional client software.


Fleet monitoring

Users of TESSA® fleet monitoring have two hosting variants to select from:
  • Use of our MR server in accordance with the latest security standards (cloud solution)
  • Delivery of an industrial PC with installed and preconfigured software (on-premises solution)

If you have any questions about TESSA®, you are welcome to contact our fleet monitoring experts: