TESSA® Fleet monitoring.

Advanced asset management as the key to success.

  • Simple data management for the implementation of ISO 55000
  • Increased transparency through globally recognized analysis functions
  • Maximum operational reliability through early detection of trends and critical events
  • Cost savings in maintenance and purchase of new equipment thanks to accurate assessment
  • No effort for your IT administration, MR takes over the hosting for you
  • Modular system, easy integration of ETOS® and MR sensors

The asset management requirements for electrical networks of generation, transmission and distribution companies as well as large industrial users are rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly complex.

TESSA® Fleet Monitoring provides you with a comprehensive tool for monitoring and evaluating your equipment and detecting faults early on. In short, it provides the optimal basis for an economical assessment of your transformer fleet.




Our software solution for intelligent asset management.

Combine TESSA® Fleet Monitoring with ETOS® and expand the operation and maintenance strategy of your high-voltage transformers - for the benefit of your transformer fleet. As an intuitive browser application, TESSA® Fleet Monitoring offers you the following functionalities:

  • Central data storage
  • Visualization and analysis in accordance with industry standards
    (e.g. Time-series diagrams, Tap-changer monitoring, Gas-in-oil analysis, Bushing monitoring, Cooling-system monitoring)
  • Events, alarms and trends
  • Comprehensive condition assessment

TESSA® Fleet Monitoring is hosted at MR based on the latest security standards and is compatible with a variety of sensors and industrial protocols, regardless of manufacturer.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact our fleet monitoring experts (tessa@reinhausen.com). To gain access to TESSA®, please use the customer portal: