Shipping industry.

REINHAUSEN solutions for stable on-board power supply operation both at sea and in port.

Shipping is a highly sensitive and complex industry. In recent decades, the technology available in this field has undergone significant changes – not only on board ships such as government vessels, luxury yachts, and special-purpose vessels, but also in shore power applications during short layovers. Highly complex electrical engineering solutions are increasingly being deployed, a development which in large part can be linked back to ambitious emissions targets set out in line with legal requirements. Frequency-controlled drives for compressors, bow thrusters, and stern thrusters, main drives with several megawatts of power, as well as power inverters for shore power supply are just some of the technical innovations being put to use in the shipping sector. With such a variety of electronic consumers on board, the on-board power supply can quickly become overloaded by harmonics, which can seriously limit operation, or at worst cause key systems to malfunction.
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen has years of experience in planning and commissioning suitable systems for ensuring appropriate voltage quality in power supplies. These solutions primarily make use of active filters combined with passive filter circuits to compensate harmonics.


Our recommended PQ products for the shipping industry


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