Clean grids for every enviroment.

Your benefits
at a glance:

  • Modular design
  • Line voltage of up to 690 V and medium voltage also possible with a transformer
  • Water cooling possible
  • High power density in a compact space

GRIDCON® ACF (active filters) reliably compensate for malfunctions with a great deal of precision. They measure the current and voltage of a grid segment and precisely supply the current needed to attain the desired effect.


Functions and customer benefits

  • Securing warranty claims:
    GRIDCON® ACF monitors and autonomously reduces malfunctions in plant grids and ensures compliance with voltage-distortion standards.
  • Reducing equipment wear and maintenance instances:
    GRIDCON® ACF prevents equipment from overheating through targeted reduction of voltage distortion up to the 51st harmonic frequency.
  • Securing insurance protection:
    GRIDCON® ACF 4W prevents overloading of the neutral conductor in buildings.
  • Preventing production disruptions:
    GRIDCON® ACF protects sensitive electronics (e.g. power supply units and LED lights) by smoothing the grid voltage.
  • Supplying products in accordance with the contract:
    GRIDCON® ACF monitors and limits system perturbations in production systems to permitted limit values.
  • Reducing investment costs:
    GRIDCON® ACF can be modularly expanded and flexibly adapted to future consumer structures.

Possible applications for GRIDCON® ACF


Are you sure that your production facilities are sufficiently protected against disruptions? We are happy to carry out a comprehensive grid analysis with you in order to proactively identify any possible problems. Naturally, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.