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On-load tap-changer for network or generator operation, electric arc furnaces, HVDC, electrolysis, inverters, phase shifters and auto transformers

Your benefits at
a glance

  • Convenient removal of the diverter switch insert makes maintenance easy
  • available with multiple coarse change-over selector
  • Field experience: over 65,000 in use worldwide
  • Braided contact leads designed for up to 400,000 tap-change operations
  • Diverter switch insert can be installed with VACUTAP® VM®

Technical Data

Max. rated through-current single-phase: 1,500 A
Max. rated through-current three-phase: 600 A
Max. rated step voltage 3,300 V
Max. rated switching capacity single-phase: 3,500 kVA
Max. rated switching capacity three-phase: 1,500 kVA
Max. voltage for operational equipment Um 72.5-300 kV
Application at neutral point (three-phase)or at any selectable winding position.
Operating positions without change-over selector 22 max.
With change-over selector: 35 max.
With multiple coarse selector: 107 max.

Product description

The on-load tap-changer allowing the widest and most comprehensive scope of applications: From transformers with medium output rates to large power transformers, process transformers subject to the highest levels of stress, special transformers.