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3rd party devices.

Use of the existing communication structure (OT and IT) as well as the field devices on-site.

If you are unable to find the right solution for your needs through us, our open standards let you turn to sensors from third-party providers without difficulty.


Sensor systems from third-party manufacturers can be connected in two ways:

  • Flexible use of user-defined analog or digital inputs, e.g. for integrating additional temperatures using a 4-20 mA signal.
  • Optionally, the use of an MR sensor-bus function lets you connect digital and analog sensors to the device via Modbus RTU. The MR sensor bus supports connecting up to 31 sensors (Modbus slaves).

This means that, in addition to any analog/digital signals, ETOS® is capable of triggering all sensors which can use the "MODBUS RTU" protocol. The data, such as from DGA sensors or temperature sensors, can be imported into the existing data model easily using the ISM® software. Some sensors are pre-configured from the factory and can be connected through Plug & Play (e.g. some MESSKO® and MSENSE® sensors).


Digitalization of transformers

Transformer Monitoring