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Keeping the fleet firmly under control.

Our fleet monitoring solution is called TESSA®.

  • Intuitive overview of all monitored equipment
  • Automated monitoring of all equipment (24/7)
  • Central database and algorithm for trend monitoring/comparison
  • Use of the existing communication structure as well as the field devices used on-site
  • Indication of defects at an early stage to prevent cost-intensive repairs
  • Savings through extended service life of the equipment and condition-based maintenance
For electrical grid operators, this provides a comprehensive tool capable of:
  • Evaluating equipment,
  • detecting trends or errors at an early stage,
  • and thereby providing the basis for cost-effective monitoring of all equipment.

TESSA® allows your equipment to be monitored globally. All the information you need for ideal condition assessment and implementation of your maintenance strategy is displayed clearly. TESSA® integrates various online data sources by means of standardized control system protocols. This ensures that existing field devices can be incorporated into TESSA® without further effort. TESSA® is compatible with ETOS® and all MESSKO®/MSENSE® products accordingly. In addition, the results from local data acquisitions are used for evaluating the equipment. Thus, for example, the FLEETSCAN 2D evaluation method represents a combination of local measurements and tests, evaluations of measurement reports, maintenance reports and lab results along with derivation of a recommendation for maintenance, retrofitting or replacement.

Furthermore, a data archive ensures that further relevant documents such as maintenance reports, circuit diagrams, images and user guides are stored and assigned to the respective equipment. The recorded data is then stored in one common, central database for subsequent analysis and longterm archiving. Direct system access to the intuitive, user-friendly visualization of the integrated web server is possible using a web browser without the need to install additional client software on the customer's end devices.



The system satisfies all security standards for protection against unauthorized access. Important information, such as the maintenance status or the utilization of individual transformers, is displayed centrally and clearly. In the event of a critical incident, the system can send a warning by e-mail or text message. This allows for quick troubleshooting in an emergency. But TESSA® also detects gradual changes reliably, and indicates them on the integrated trend display in a timely manner.

There are two hosting options available for the TESSA® fleet monitoring system:
  • Use of our MR server as a cloud solution in accordance with the latest security standards
  • Delivery of an industrial PC with installed and preconfigured software (on-premise solution)

If you have any questions about TESSA®, you are welcome to contact our fleet monitoring experts: