Condition Assessment of Power Transformers

The average age of installed transformers is increasing all over the world. Furthermore, as an operator, you are faced with new challenges such as higher and fluctuating transformer loads from renewable energies, higher probabilities of equipment failure, and a lack of information about the condition of your transformers. In order to enable cost-effective management of a transformer fleet, we have developed FLEETSCAN 2D ˗ a two-dimensional approach for precise condition assessment. Our recommendations for action supports you in the optimum allocation of resources and budgets.

FLEETSCAN 2D takes into account the requirements of multiple stakeholders during the decision-making process. For this purpose, we have developed two indices based on the available information regarding the condition of the assets. These two indices ˗ reliability (failure risk) and sustainability (life time consumption) ˗ are addressed to the decision-makers responsible for OPEX and CAPEX, respectively. You receive a clear overview of the condition of your transformer fleet in regard to the two indices in a two-dimensional matrix (Fig. 1). Critical units can be identified before problems occur. Our experts also create recommendations for action with clear priorities in order to keep systems in the best possible condition and maximize their value.

Figure 1: FLEETSCAN 2D – Transformer fleet at a glance

The most important prerequisite for carrying out condition assessments is a comprehensive data pool. The volume of information and the number of input parameters collected for the condition assessment will differ from case to case. For this reason, the input parameters are grouped in a structured manner into three information packages that are staged incrementally based on the realities of transformer operation and the various requirements of condition assessment (Fig. 2).

Abbildung 2: Kundenorientierte und kosteneffiziente Datenerfassung

With the FLEETSCAN 2D web application, you as an operator can collect and enter the data for condition assessment by yourself. The web application has a user-friendly and structured data-input interface that enables the complex task of condition assessment within four directions: visual inspection, thermography, oil analyses and electrical measurements (Fig. 3). The system is also available offline which means that on-site data can be called up and new data can be entered without web connection; the data is then automatically synchronized once an internet connection is re-established. Once the data collection in the web application is complete, our transformer experts interpret the data and report their findings, which are uploaded to the web application so that you have permanent access also to the reports with the concrete recommendations for action.

Figure 3: FLEETSCAN 2D Web App – Condition Assessment

Additionally, the web application provides a central document management system in which you can optionally store your transformer data and files (such as operating manuals, laboratory reports, measurement reports, etc.) thereby enabling continuous access to all relevant information and documents (Fig. 4). Condition assessment reports from FLEETSCAN 2D are also added to the customer’s digital transformer file upon completion.

Figure 4: FLEETSCAN 2D Web App – Central document management system

Hence, data acquisition for condition assessment with FLEETSCAN 2D can also be executed by MR Service technicians. Are you interested in additional information? Please feel free to visit our FLEETSCAN 2D website.


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