Old transformer like new again

A power transformer that has been in use for many years is like a person: It ages and needs more frequent health checks. Over time, the costs add up—especially if the transformer requires replacement parts that are no longer available or difficult to come by. New tap changers from Reinhausen make old transformers ready for the future.

Belgian grid operator Elia was facing this exact problem in its pri-mary substation in Zaventem, in the exurbs of Brussels. A transformer had gotten older and the tap changer inside was worn out. Since the manufacturer had ceased production back in 1989, replacement parts were increasingly scarce and expensive.
However, a new transformer was out of the question for Elia. After all, all other components were still functioning without problems. So the grid operator commissioned service provider Maintenance Partners, together with the Reinhausen Luxemburg (RLU) subsidiary, to replace the old tap changer with a new one in early May, thus future-proofing the transformer.

The entire conversion took only ten business days, despite the added complications of the coronavirus pandemic. Sebastian Hölzer, Managing Director of RLU, explains how the team got it done in six steps.

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