Power Quality concludes major contract for Peruvian copper mine

The growing global demand for copper necessitates higher production capacities at mining locations, and there are always new copper mine projects being established. This trend leads to increased electricity consumption and a greater need for solutions to improve voltage quality.

At the end of 2018, our experts in tailor-made customer solutions at Power Quality (PQ) were awarded a contract to deliver equipment and services for a large mining expansion project in Peru. The project, which is the largest for PQ to date in the Americas, is soon to be completed. In addition to the complex scope, it is particularly noteworthy that the project involves the first thyristor-based dynamic compensation system in a Peruvian mine.

In the Port of Hamburg, a container with an MR logo is currently waiting to be loaded onto a specially equipped ship. The tarp features a QR-Code, which provides all background information on the mining project in Peru. Inside the container is the equipment for the last phase of the project. The ship will enter the port in Lima in mid to late November, and the container will reach the mine two to three weeks later. It is expected that assembly of the systems will begin before Christmas.


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