Cost-effective and fast maintenance for operators

Reinhausen Enerji Çözümleri Anonim Şirketi (RTR) expands its range of services by the cutting of manholes.

MR´s service activities in Turkey have grown significantly in recent years. In order to strengthen its local presence and be able to serve the needs of customers even faster, Maschinenfabrik Reinhauseen (MR) established a subsidiary in Izmit in 2016: Reinhausen Enerji Çözümleri Anonim Şirketi (RTR). RTR General Manager Ibrahim Andiz and his team offer a broad scope of services. As the only supplier in Turkey, RTR can also carry out OLTC maintenance on transformers without manholes.

In the past few weeks, RTR completed several major transformer service projects which included much more than just OLTC maintenance; rather, RTR showed its ability to operate as a full-service supplier of transformer service.

Cutting of manholes enables cost-effective and fast maintenance

As a special highlight of its service range, RTR offers the cutting of manholes. Transformers without manholes are almost inaccessible for maintenance and repair work inside the transformer tank. For necessary work, e.g. on the transformer core, on tap-winding-leads, on bushings or on the OLTC selector switch, the transformer has to be transported to the transformer OEM so far. This procedure is very cost-intensive and takes a very long time.

Customers can save substantial time and money by having manholes cut into transformers on-site. RTR performed this service recently among others for Koç Metalurji, a Turkish steel company in Adana, and for Eti Krom, a Turkish chrome company in Elaziğ.


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