MR Japan: Customer workshop regarding future topics

On 18 and 19 October, MR Japan held a seminar entitled “Future Transformer / Future Power Grid” at the heart of Tokyo together with a number of Japanese electric companies as well as the most important transformer makers.

The participants gained new insights into the current state and future direction of the German power transmission and distribution industry and asset-management trends and monitoring solutions, including ETOS of course, were also introduced.

Contributions from the Japanese utilities provided a good opportunity to obtain valuable information regarding their long-term planning for substation networks. In subsequent active discussions, opinions were exchanged and experiences were shared and the participants showed a positive interest in MR’s portfolio and solutions.

We sincerely appreciate the active participation of the Japanese power companies and transformer makers and would particularly like to thank Mr. Shigeyuki Tsukao of TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. and Mr. Masao Nakai of Kansai Electric Power Company for their special contributions.


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