Customer Day Thailand

Transformer Service and Monitoring

On 15 May 2018, Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. held a customer day at the Holiday Inn hotel in Rayong which was attended by about 50 participants from 18 end customers (independent power producers and industrial customers).

The customer day was organized by Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd.  together with our agent Tan & Sons Corporation.  The overall goal of the customer day was to promote RTH in the market as a provider of transformer service as well as to present MR’s entire product portfolio. Some of the products (e.g. Msense® DGA, MtraB®) were also shown in a gallery walk. The event was an excellent platform for customers to obtain information about MR products, particularly new products such as EXPIOTECH MMS or MR’s monitoring solutions. Since it was held as an interactive seminar, the participants were also able to exchange information and ideas directly with the presenters. The participants provided correspondingly positive feedback.


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