NEW: EXPIOTECH MMS on-line transformer drying

Leading Moisturemanagement Systems for oil-filled Power Transformers

Moisture, in combination with temperature, is the primary factor affecting the degradation of the insulating paper and consequently the lifetime of the transformer. With the unique features of the EXPIOTECH Moisture Management Systems (MMS), we offer valuable solutions to utilities and industries to optimize the lifetime of their power transformers.

MR-Expiotech Smart Drying System enables transformer operators to reduce and maintain the paper moisture at an optimum target value, while preserving the winding pressure at a safe level, all with the transformer remaining energized and in normal service. Your advantage: With EXPIOTECH MMS you can extend the transformer lifetime by up to 20 years and reduce the risk of failure. Compared to conventional vacuum drying systems total costs of operation are significantly less due to:

• Minimal downtime
• Minimal installation costs
• Automatic operation with remote supervision and control
• No need for readjusting inhibitors and passivators

Our MMS units are equipped with intelligent moisture assessment and control via EXPIOTECH’s own proprietary algorithms. The smart drying concept ensures accuracy, optimization and control. You can benefit from our exhaustive expertise. We have 15 years of experience in South Africa and over 600 transformers dried. From now on EXPIOTECH MMS is available worldwide.

Your choice: Permanent  installation or mobile unit.
EXPIOTECH MMS is available as a permanent installation or a mobile unit. Select the application that what works best for you:

Permanent installation
I Permanently installed on a transformer (side mounted or on a separate platform) over its whole lifetime
I Stainless steel piping to and from the transformer
I Maintains the paper moisture at a constant, optimum level
I When installed on a new transformer, ensures a maximum lifetime by maintaining the factory moisture level
I Oil moisture and temperature data available for monitoring purposes

Mobile unit
I Unit is installed on a mobile rig such as a trailer for periodic drying of a fleet of transformers one after another
I Incorporated vacuum pump for on-line energized installation, if de-energization is required for safety reasons, installation can typically be carried out in less than 4 hours
I Double pipe system with protection switch: collects and directs any leak to the cabinet tray

Your choice: Purchase or Service
The Expiotech system can be purchased and operated by the transformer owner. Alternatively, the MR-Drying-Service can be employed on a pay per transformer concept, without purchase of the hardware.

World premiere at Middle East Electricity
At the Middle East Electricity in Dubai (March 6 - 8) we presented the EXPIOTECH MMS for the first time to our international customers. The feedback was very good, many visitors had a huge interest in the new Reinhausen product.


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