China Light & Power (CLP) uses VACUTAP® VM® for the first time

China Light & Power (CLP), a Chinese power supplier in Hong Kong, operates around 400 OILTAP® M or MS type tap changers from MR. These can be easily converted to vacuum technology with a VACUTAP® VM® diverter switch insert (DSI). Since March 2015 the MR specialists have carried out two retrofit projects at CLP and replaced a total of six OILTAP® with VACUTAP® VM®.

Up until 2014 the asset management relationship between MR and CLP was solely concerned with the supply of spare parts. In 2014 and 2015 there were numerous customer visits to CLP, adding an increasing level of trust to the relationship. During the course of these visits, Dr. Ralf John and Franz Schedl from the MR sales team presented the benefits of a VACUTAP® VM® retrofit to the CLP managers. The customers were very interested and potential projects were discussed as pilots. The first replacement project at CLP was carried out in March 2015. The DSI of an OILTAP® MS III 300Y was replaced with a new DSI VACUTAP® VM® III 300Y. Another major retrofit project followed in March 2016. These projects were each undertaken by an experienced German colleague from Reinhausen Asia Pacific (RAP) and MR. The customer was impressed with the result and will use more VACUTAP® VM® in the future.

We look forward to plenty more replacement projects with CLP over the coming months and years.


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