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Dear readers,

The new ECOTAP VPD was unveiled on 10 May at CWIEME in Berlin. Not only is this the smallest high-speed resistor-type tap-changer in the world with vacuum technology, the range of tasks it can handle is huge. The new ECOTAP VPD allows distribution grid transformers to be controlled and is therefore a key component in the shift from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewables.

The GRIDCON® ACF ESS is now also a perfectly matched combination of active filter and energy accumulator. Greater energy flexibility and cost-effectiveness are guaranteed.

As well as presenting new products, we are delighted to introduce new members of the REINHAUSEN family: Reinhausen España, OOO MR Yekaterinburg, and British Transformer Components Ltd.. Reinhausen Power Composites is also pleased to have had its services recognized by Mitsubishi and we again report on some exciting retrofit projects. Enjoy reading the latest edition and have a good summer!

Michael Rohde
Managing Director


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