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65 years – the age of probably the world's oldest MR tap changer still in use. As part of our anniversary campaign, we were on the search for the oldest tap changer. And we found it in a power plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, where it is still working as reliably as the day it was installed.

This legendary MR quality has been recognized many times, most recently on 10 January in Dubai when Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) honored our excellent services by naming us as a premium supplier.

In January, we welcomed a new member to the REINHAUSEN family: Cedaspe Power S.r.l.. (CEDASPE for short). This Italian group of companies produces bushings for distributor transformers and other accessories for the transformer industry. You will be able to see CEDASPE on the REINHAUSEN stand at Middle East Electricity in Dubai at the start of March.

In this edition, we also report on a project in Tanzania where MR experts are holding technical seminars for students of electrical engineering. Through the transfer of knowledge, MR aims to contribute to a reliable power supply in developing countries. A permanent trainingroom has been set up and a substation was converted to a demo-case in Tanzania.

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The legend lives on.
Number 1088 is still alive.

The search has come to an end. We have evidence of our legendary reliability. An OILTAP® DII MR tap changer is still in use in a German power plant after an incredible 65 years. Thanks to all our customers who helped us find our longest-serving tap changer.
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The experts of Reinhausen Canada did a great job. Within one week they managed to replace an almost 50 years old Federal Pioneer OLTC by a VACUTAP®. RMV-II in Edmonton. The whole project included planning and solution engineering, transformer assessment and electrical testing and of course the field execution.