Modularity principle: Maximum scope for extensions

All filters in the GRIDCON® ACF range have a modular structure and can be accurately sized and extended at any point. The difference is in the detail: Each module of GRIDCON® ACF Industrial version delivers an effective current of 125 A. In the standard variant, up to six modules can be combined, producing a total current of 750 A. By adding more controllers, systems with up to 3,000 A are possible. Such current levels are rare in building technology. The effective current in GRIDCON® ACF Building version is therefore 60 A per module to make the right size possible. Extension units can even be added to GRIDCON® ACF compact.


High stability, short service times

Its modular structure makes the GRIDCON® ACF product range particularly resilient to faults. Should one module fail, the other units take over until the error is rectified. Diagnosis of disturbances is also well thought-out. An SD memory card in the controller records the system‘s operating statuses. The data can therefore be quickly read out and sent to MR‘s Power Quality team for evaluation. Practical service approach: The system is designed such that individual components can be quickly and easily replaced by the operator himself.