Gridcon® ACF in use

Use in an industrial environment

GRIDCON® ACF in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry in particular, today most of the loads are electronic power consumers. Here production lines are often operated by robots whose inverter drives feed harmonics of different frequencies into the electrical distributions. These harmonics cause warming and therefore premature aging of electrical equipment, potentially leading to the failure of electronic controllers and result in the overloading of transformers and cables. What‘s more, harmonics increase energy consumption.

The specific use of active filters can reduce voltage distortion over a wide frequency range. This enables the compliance to stipulated limits in standards and relieves the strain on equipment.

Limit value infringements due to harmonics of the order of 5, 43, and 49 can be seen in the example shown below.

Using an active filter not only enables compliance with all voltage limit values, but also reduces the current load on the transformer by nearly 500 A.

Flexible use and scope for extending equipment is also very important in industrial settings. A larger production line also requires the compensation capacity to be increased. GRIDCON® ACF can „grow“ with production facilities as it allows additional modules to be installed in the existing cabinet.

Despite very different load characteristics, such as those encountered in the body shop and paintshop parts of production, identical versions of GRIDCON® ACF can be used, ensuring low complexity in operation, service, and procurement.