Active filters


GRIDCON® ACF active filter – stable power quality in all applications:

  • Large area of use and high power – the fourth generation of devices offers even more power and saves space: up to 600 kvar per cabinet
  • Maximum operational reliability with high voltages: Overvoltage category III at rated voltages of up to 800 V
  • Fit for the future: GRIDCON® ACF is already able to compensate for harmonics even beyond the 51st order
  • Low life cycle costs due to modular concept and networked architecture
  • Intuitive, safe touch panel-based operation and monitoring using the Ethernet or any other networks thanks to optional Anybus communication modules

Negative impacts on power quality, caused by frequency-controlled drives, welding lines or computers‘ power supply units for example, can have serious consequences: if a sensitive device, such as an electronic control unit, is damaged by harmonics, total production failure may result. Even the supply grid itself can experience impermissible interference or dangerous overloading due to reactive power, load imbalance, fluctuation in voltage (flicker), and high harmonic currents.

Active filters reliably and accurately compensate for this interference. They measure current and voltage of a grid section and supply precisely the amount of current required for the desired effect. When harmonics arise, currents are actively generated, opposing the interference in the grid, so that the harmonics are wiped out. To reduce voltage fluctuations (flicker), active filters make use of the fact that inductive reactive power reduces the line voltage and capacitive reactive power increases it. Active filters therefore reliably take the strain off grids, extend the service life of devices and increase the safety of industrial systems.

Compared with conventional, passive filters, active filters can be set very accurately to the prevailing requirements at any time – without the risk of overload. Because the systems can be smaller in size and dynamically regulate their filter flow, they result in fewer losses. Active filters are a future-proofed investment for both industrial networks and buildings.


The right solution for every application


Fit for the future


Maximum operational reliability in all circumstances


Low life-cycle costs


Ease of service and operation

Development of the GRIDCON® ACF product range integrated years of MR‘s experience in designing and operating passive and active filters. The result is a product range that provides the appropriate filter for each application.

Despite all the differences, the individual GRIDCON® ACF variants have a lot in common: They have a modular structure, low losses, and are synonymous with extreme reliability.