Minimizing the risk of transformer failure and increasing operational reliability

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  • Monitoring of the most important early indicators:
    MESSKO MSense x1.5 - hydrogen and moisture
    MESSKO MSense x2.5 - hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and moisture
  • High-precision measurement values thanks to the inert measurement chamber and innovative 2-stage measurement process
  • Robust stainless steel pipe provides optimum protection of the gas extraction and measurement unit
  • Practical, manual oil sampling point directly at the oil analysis sensor's point of measurement
  • Individual parameterization using the MESSKO® MSeT® software


Oil analyses make it possible to produce reliable statements about the current state of the transformer and its remaining runtime. The correct analytical tools provide transformer operators with a level of monitoring that can protect against failures and contributes to operational reliability. The following transformer accessories are available from MESSKO:

  • The MESSKO MSense oil analysis sensor uses an intelligent measurement procedure to ensure early detection of damage on the transformer.
  • Limit values and the number of measurements per day can be determined individually using MSeT software.
  • The MESSKO MSafe Buchholz relay safety device monitors the power transformers continuously.
  • The gas extraction device was developed specifically for MESSKO MSafe and ensures fault gases are removed reliably.
  • The Quick Test ensures that error gases are detected quickly, easily and reliably in the gas extraction device or Buchholz relay.

The MESSKO team has embarked on a search for reliable solutions in the area of oil analysis. This search has resulted in innovative and reliable analysis tools and accessories for transformers. Oil analysis sensors have one job to do: They make a measurable contribution to extending the service life of cost-intensive paper-insulated transformers. Two qualities are required for this task: Robust technology for continuous functional safety and intelligent measurement procedures for reliable values. The MESSKO development experts were perfect for the job. The result: The MESSKO® MSense® product family, which consists of the MESSKO® MSense® x1.5 and x2.5.

Focusing on important indicators and protecting against transformer damage

Important statements about the state of the transformer can be made as a result of investigation and oil analysis. Suitable devices (MESSKO MSense series) identify defects and carry out extensive analysis of the oil in the transformer. Experts all agree that hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and moisture in the insulating oil of power transformers are the primary early indicators of possible thermal or electrical damage in the transformer. The MESSKO® MSense® product family focuses on these early indicators and continuously monitors their concentrations. The risk of failure is reduced as a result of the data collected in the oil analysis because damage and defects can be detected at an early stage.

The MESSKO® MSense® product family detects the key gas hydrogen as an indicator of thermal or electrical damage in the transformer.

In turn, an increased concentration of carbon monoxide in the insulating oil indicates potential damage to the paper insulation.

The x2.5 model offers combined measurement of both gases. Extra added value as a result of this combination: The sensors for measuring hydrogen may be affected by carbon monoxide. Simultaneously measuring the gases allows the concentration of hydrogen to be determined with even greater accuracy.
Moisture in the paper insulation indicates aging paper and also accelerates the decomposition process. All product models in the MESSKO® MSense® family also come with a moisture sensor to reliably measure moisture in the insulating oil.

What differences are there between the varous MESSKO MSense device models?
Specifications Hydrogen Carbon monoxide Moisture
MESSKO MSense x1.5 + - +
MESSKO MSense x2.5 + + +


Calming reassurance from oil analysis rather than the fear of false alarms. This is because the MESSKO MSense x2.5 measures directly in the oil flow and also takes environmental influences into account in an innovative 2-stage measurement procedure. This reliable measurement procedure ensures that the measurement results are free from distorting environmental influences. In the first step, the measurement chamber is flushed with ambient air before each measurement to produce a correct blank value as a starting point for the measurement. Interfering influences are detected and taken into account in the subsequent gas measurement.

The gas-in-oil analysis can therefore be based on an accurately determined, non-distorted measurement basis and provides highly accurate results.



In addition to product innovations, MESSKO offers extensive oil analyses in the analysis lab and rapid on-site service provided by a worldwide network. MSeT software is intuitive and, if necessary, can be used to define the limit values and the number of measurements per day – not necessarily those found in the factory settings.

You can also use the optional MESSKO® MSense® protocol converter to convert data from Modbus RTU to the following protocols: DNP 3.0, Modbus TCP, and IEC 61850-8-1 MMS.

Learn more about MESSKO MSeT software.


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