TESSA® Fleet Monitoring

TESSA® allows us to break the mold for real-time monitoring of one or more transformers. Our ISM® (Integrated Smart Module) forms the foundation for all-inclusive transformer monitoring. This data interface directly on the equipment allows us to offer you a user-friendly interface that gives you an overview of all the relevant information at all times.

No matter whether you are working with one transformer or an entire fleet – you receive all the data required for optimal condition assessment in a precise and clearly arranged manner. Important information like the oil quality or workload of the individual transformers is displayed in a centralized location. If critical events occur, you have the option of letting the system warn you via e-mail or text message. This ensures that any problems that occur can be resolved quickly in case of emergency.

TESSA® also recognizes gradual changes and points them out early on via the integrated trend display. All recorded and analyzed data is saved for trend assessment and archiving.

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