ABB opts for Messko MLog®

Exceptional transport monitoring system for exceptional carriage

Courtesy of ABB - Mlog® installed on 
ABB Multi Functional Module MFM
Courtesy of ABB - Mlog® installed on ABB Multi Functional Module MFM

A good quality control before shipment can avoid future problems relating to product quality and functions. But this still leaves a “black hole” in the procedure: the shipment of the goods. Shipment cannot be controlled directly by the company and not even by the end user so more and more often companies are looking for a solution to monitor goods during shipment in order to check for problems during transportation.

The solution is the Mlog® by Messko. ABB Adda decided to use a Messko Mlog® device to monitor a very complex and large trailer they had manufactured with final destination in Algeria.

The precious goods were 4 movable substations, complete with transformers, GIS, circuit breaker, switchgear, CT, and PT, which had been developed and manufactured by ABB Adda together with another company of the ABB group. The complete trailer was over 33 meters in length.

With the help of an technician of Reinhausen Italie (RI), an IM 50 Mlog® equipped with a GPS sensor was mounted on top of the transformer. RI worked with the customer to supervise the complete setup of the instrument from the mounting stage up to parameterization.

The complete trailer left ABB in April and arrived at its final destination at the end of July. Despite the bad weather conditions and the large variation in temperature between night and day, the Mlog® worked perfectly during transportation by sea as well as in the desert. All data (GPS position, temperature, humidity, and, if applicable, also shock) were recorded.

The evaluation of the collected data was carried out using the correspondent software MLog® Analyser. RI helped an ABB technician to evaluate the data, which can relate every value or alarm with the GPS-position of its occurance. The transportion records didn´t contain any abnormalities, but ABB, of course, also checked the device mounted on the trailer visually and electrically. Everything was found  in good condition after the long journey and the movable substations are now up and running perfectly.

The customer feedback on the Mlog® is entirely positive: The device as well as the software is very easy to handle, the Mlog® Analyser facilitates the evaluation of the data significantly. Without a doubt, ABB Adda will use the same instrument for other shipments in the future. In fact it will go on a journey to the US soon.